Code of Ethics

Our business franchise demands independence, to ensure an independent selection process for clients.

To help clients select the most appropriate consultants, JL Board Advisors must adhere to very strict standards with respect to its interactions and relationships with the consultants we evaluate and recommend. We must remain beyond reproach at all times.

To accomplish this goal, and to ensure the highest standards of integrity, we maintain professional “arm’s length” relationships with individuals from all consulting firms that are or may be involved in our evaluation / selection process.

We will not, for example, accept from a consultant any form of direct or indirect compensation, gift, meal, travel, discount, personal favor or special treatment that may be perceived as an effort to influence our opinion or decision-making process.

Further, we document and archive our interaction with outside consultants, including the nature of all correspondence, discussions and meetings. Our Advisory Board also conducts a rigorous annual audit of our relationships with all external consultants.