Our Services

JL Board Advisors offers the following services:

Compensation Program Review and Design
JL Board Advisors (JLBA) advise Boards, CEO’s and management on the alignment of STRATEGY, PEOPLE AND PERFORMANCE to build shareholder value.

Specific assignments have included Executive Compensation Program Design, Strategic Organization Design, Board and Management Strategy alignment reviews, Performance Metric analysis and review, and Compensation Communication plan development.

JLBA is retained for service by the Compensation or Governance Committees of the Board or the CEO and management as appropriate. Each of our senior advisors currently serves on a Board of Directors and has served as a CEO, Senior Consulting Partner or Senior HR executive.

Compensation Consultant Selection

For Boards of Directors, recent Dodd-Frank legislation has added both complexity and risk to corporate governance. Selection of executive compensation consultants now carries far greater regulatory exposure, increased reporting requirements and more intense shareholder and public scrutiny.

Board-level Compensation and Governance Committees, as well as senior corporate managers, increasingly require an independent, conflict-free, knowledgeable resource to help manage this critical task effectively.

Our Compensation Consultant Selection services help companies to address Dodd-Frank requirements, but more importantly, we enable them to engage a consultant that will best meet the practical needs as well as the style and culture of both the Board of Directors and the company. JL Board Advisors has unsurpassed knowledge of the executive compensation consultant universe in the United States – a landscape that has undergone significant change and expansion in recent years – today with scores of well-known and lesser-known firms offering executive compensation services.

Our proprietary database, combined with our decades of first-hand knowledge of many firms, encompasses extensive insight into consultant independence, capabilities, availability, quality of work, fees and references – both by consulting firm and by individual practitioner. JL Board Advisors’ insight into the compensation consulting industry is unmatched. But what makes that information of practical value to our clients in our proprietary JLBA Process that enables our clients to apply an informed, objective discipline to the identification, evaluation and selection of compensation consultants. Our JLBA Process, based on decades of experience, addresses the current regulatory environment as well as the longstanding corporate need to apply rigor and transparency in every governance function.

CEO Performance Evaluation

Our CEO Performance Evaluation services are based on decades of experience working with Boards of Directors and CEOs at many well-known companies across many industries. We are seasoned practitioners who understand the practical issues as well as the nuances related to performance management and human dynamics. Our CEO review process and compensation solutions are designed to provide results that will deliver internal consensus and withstand rigorous external scrutiny.

We understand that each company has unique issues and challenges, and each requires a tailored set of processes, interactions and results. JL Board Advisors clients value our independence and flexibility in the CEO review process, our in-depth knowledge of complex performance / compensation dynamics, and our demonstrated ability to work effectively with both the Board and CEO to arrive at a mutual understanding and decision. At all times, we seek to enhance communication between the Board and CEO, and to help deliver outcomes that will benefit all internal and external stakeholders.

Related Services

JL Board Advisors also manages other corporate governance-related assignments for boards and management, tailored to their needs. These projects can range from research and analysis of investor opinion on compensation, to board performance evaluation reviews.