About Us

Why JL Board Advisors?

There is no other board and corporate resource like JL Board Advisors.

In Compensation Program Review and Design… JL Board Advisors have helped their clients through Executive Compensation Program Design, Strategic Organization Design, Board and Management Strategy alignment reviews and Performance Metric analysis and review. We are retained for service by the Compensation or Governance Committees of the Board or the CEO and management as appropriate. Each of our senior advisors currently serves on a Board of Directors and has served as a CEO, Senior Consulting Partner or Senior HR executive.

In Compensation Consultant Selection…. JL Board Advisors offers a unique combination of assets: first-hand, up-to-date insight into the qualifications and performance of every compensation consulting firm in the United States gained through decades of experience; and a proprietary process – based on more than 25 years of experience – for identification, evaluation and selection of compensation consultants.

No other advisory firm is capable of delivering these unique assets and capabilities to your board or company.